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Das Residency - Parassinikadavu, Kannur (Kerala)

Temple St, Parassinikadavu, Parassinikadavu, Kannur, Kerala, 670563

Welcome To Das Residency, Parassinikadavu

Das residency is a Unique business hotel in Parassinikadavu, Kannur, a distinctive feature of Anjni Group of Hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staffs who provide exceptionally attentive, personalized and warm service. We have the reputation for excellence and are acknowledged for offering quality and value. Our commitment to excellence and attention to perfection of service has ensured a loyal list of guests and accolades in the worldwide hospitality industry.

Das Residency Parassinikadavu

Stay classic, if you are planning a vacation in Kerala, the God’s own country, Das residency open the door to the world of entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment. Das residency feature about the best hotel rooms in Malabar regions, located near the world famous Parassini Sree Muthappan temple in Parassinikadavu, Kannur, Kerala.

Accommodation at Das Residency, Parassinikadavu

Why Us


Parassini Sree Muthappan is the most popular local god in the north Kerala especially in Kannur district. Muthappan is also the theyyam performed in the famous Parassini Sree Muthappan temple on north of Kannur town. Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple is situated 18 km away from Kannur on the banks of river Valapattanam. The temple is dedicated to Lord Muthappan, believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. This is the only one temple in Kerala where the Folk art form of North Kerala ‘Theyyam’ is presented daily. Toddy and dried fish are the main offerings in this temple. Facility for boating is also available here. Parassinikadavu Snake Park is situated near the temple.


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Kerala, the land of charity, is rich in folk-culture, visual arts and festivals. Different religions, groups and communities in their historical evolution have subscribed to the growth of a dreamlike panorama of dance and visual art forms in this region. Some of them are religious, highly ritualistic, but incorporate dance and music and colours and light. Even the geographical isolation of Kerala had not denied her the chance of inheritance of a common cultural heritage of India. As such the major developments in the cultural history of India had significant impact on the formation of organization of Kerala society. Theyyam is a form of worship where man dons the guise of God and propitiates the Gods through possessed dancing; Theyyam is also known by the name Kaliyaattom. The performance of Theyyam is supposed to make life prosperous and remove all hazards.